An international payment platform that securely & simply transfers your money worldwide

An international payment platform that securely & simply transfers your money worldwide

PayRecs brings a clean, simple, and transparent app to banks and businesses that efficiently and smoothly moves money globally. We guide our clients to thrive and remain competitive.

We're different and that's a good thing

We talked with leading industry partners and asked them “why” a million times. Following each step in the process until the absolute end has allowed us to eliminate manual work and reduce the chance of fraud. We challenged the status quo while respecting the security of the financial institutions we serve.


We value a clean and uncomplicated approach to our process. This ideal is critical to us from our product design to our customer communications.


We value your trust. We maintain that trust by showing you all the information from your transactions in easy-to-find documents and by being upfront about the fees you pay.


We consider our task complete when we have not only streamlined operations for your bank or business, but have made you more competitive in your market.


At our core, we don’t simply stand by and wait for better to come. We work everyday to bring you solutions that lead you to the next best place.

When exploring the landscape of business payments and how businesses and banks work together to solve this problem, I was excited to put our heads down.  There was clearly a gap that hadn’t found an innovative enough solution that aligned both the customer and the banks’ needs.

Steve, PayRecs Co-Founder

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