A secure and simple international money management vision: lean in to the challenger mindset

A secure and simple international money management vision: lean in to the challenger mindset

The standard exchange process was manual and created a lot of opportunity for fraud. We felt there had to be a better way.

We have more ideas than we do time

Jon and Steve, our founders, weren’t afraid to step outside the box; this required redesigning the exchange process from multiple manual steps with multiple people and programs to one program for one person.

  • The Concept

    We started PayRecs to simplify the unnecessarily complicated process of sending an international payment. By delivering our platform through the financial institutions people trust, PayRecs delivers the best of both fintech and traditional banking.

  • A Solution to the Problem

    After spending years advising large companies like Fifth Third Bank and Wells Fargo how to best manage currency risk and move money globally, Jon knew there had to be a better way. Jon’s industry experience provided insights into the challenges customers and their financial institutions face in delivering international payment services.

  • The Approach

    To tackle the outdated processes and legacy systems it took someone from outside the banking system to work with Jon and bring a fresh perspective; Steve, Jon’s college roommate and an experienced tech veteran whose most famous question is “why”, made a natural choice. Together, Jon and Steve have worked within the financial system to streamline the processes and improve the systems necessary to deliver a superior customer experience.

  • The Collaboration

    They’ve worked to form industry partnerships with financial institutions and vendors alike to help create the most impactful platform possible.

  • Moving Forward

    Today PayRecs serves businesses and individuals by partnering with their financial institutions to deliver financial innovation alongside the safety and security of the banks they trust. Our co-founders believe that technology offers us the opportunity to deliver more powerful solutions and when delivered in partnership with financial institutions we can reach a new frontier of usability, transparency and security.

Meet Our Founders

Jon Dobson

Jon spent the majority of his 16 year banking career in corporate foreign exchange, gaining extensive experience in foreign currency, risk management, and international payments. As a co-founder of PayRecs, he is passionate about simplifying a complex process and helping community banks remain competitive through offering international payments. Outside of the office, Jon enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids, volunteering for the criminal justice ministry and begrudgingly exercising.

Steve Habegger

Steve has worked in the technology industry for over 20 years, gaining experience in software development, leading technology teams, scaling strategic technology initiatives, and building successful start-ups. As a co-founder of PayRecs, he is passionate about delivering simple and impactful solutions for financial institutions and bringing transparency to a market that sees $5.1 trillion dollars exchanged each day. Outside of the office, Steve enjoys coaching youth sports for his boys, attending Xavier basketball games and traveling with his wife.

Our clients consistently ask us why things haven’t always been this easy.

Our Defining Values


We value a clean and uncomplicated approach to our process. This ideal is critical to us from our product design to our customer communications.


We value your trust. We maintain that trust by showing you all the information from your transactions in easy-to-find documents and by being upfront about the fees you pay.


We consider our task complete when we have not only streamlined operations for your bank or business, but have made you more competitive in your market.


At our core, we don’t simply stand by and wait for better to come. We work everyday to bring you solutions that lead you to the next best place.

Would you be a good fit at PayRecs?

We are always looking for people with a challenger’s mindset, let us know if you’re interested.

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