B2B international payments to grow your business around the world

B2B international payments to grow your business around the world

Explore the international payment platform helping businesses grow.

Business Solutions for International Treasury

We’ve seen the challenges that plague international transfers, here are five ways we solve those challenges.

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International payments shouldn’t be hard

Operations get bogged down with manual processes that introduce unnecessary costs and risks. PayRecs simplifies all that, eliminating unnecessary processes and automating manual ones.

Create opportunities, not road blocks

Drive sales by delivering services your customers need with an extraordinary user experience. Grow your business by leveraging powerful tools to reach more markets and more customers. When you focus on your customer’s needs instead of the process, strengthening your current relationships and building new ones becomes easier than ever.

Track and reconcile with ease

Each transaction completed with PayRecs can be tracked from start to finish. Share unlimited payment data with recipients, view historical data and access SWIFT messages all within the app. Our goal is easy access to all the information you want and need to streamline processes and provide superior customer support.

Fraud is real and we take it seriously

Recipients are easily added and verified; simply select one for each transaction. Our innovative process and documentation helps stop fraud before it happens, protecting the bank and their customers.

Even the laptop was new at one point

A new service can be intimidating. PayRecs is easy to deploy, requires limited resources, and brings benefits throughout the organization; reducing the effort and raising the return.

PayRecs in Action

From payment to reconciliation, we make it easy.

  • Securely transfer funds in over 100 currencies

  • Hold balances in over 36 different currencies

  • Simple beneficiary creation and fraud protection

  • User authorizations and permissions for maximum control

  • Easily track payments and share remittance data

These partners trust PayRecs to deliver the best international b2b payment experience.

It’s all a part of our app and experience

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