Your Payment Solution 

For Global Business.

International payments should be easy right? 

For most businesses it’s not. That’s why we created an invoice presentment and payment solution that makes it easy to make and receive international payments.

You've never heard that before from one of your vendors, right?

Do you want to send same-day international payments in up to 83 different currencies without breaking the bank?

Fast, reliable payments with total price transparency - allowing you to easily track all payments in the comfort of your office, with the added benefit of providing additional clarity to your vendors (no more "Where's my payment" phone calls or emails!).

"Where's my Payment?!??"

At your business, getting goods to your global customers is a moumental amount of work and organization.

Getting paid shouldn't be equally as challenging.

Bill your customers, and allow them to pay in 36 different currencies - you just wait for the US Dollars to arrive.  We do the rest. 

No more waiting weeks to receive international payments, crunching weird accounting entries for the FX flunctuations. or  spending valuable time and resources on reconciliation.

Our receivable solution gets you your money up to 7 days faster, and provides full visibility (costs and payent status) to you and your customers.

"It's in the mail..."

Why PayRecs?


We've made dumb processes smart with our online invoicing tools. Share rich data, view exchange rates, and manage currency risk⁠—all at the click of a button.


No longer will you need to constantly bug your bank to see if a payment has arrived. You can track payments and get status updates live on our website.


Easily share payment data with your beneficiaries so they know exactly how much to expect and why, without needing to install or integrate software.

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