The simple way to move your money


The simple way to move your money

Explore the international payment platform helping banks and businesses grow.

We Deliver International Solutions

PayRecs is the simple solution for international B2B payments helping banks and their customers be more competitive.

These partners trust PayRecs to deliver the best international b2b payment experience

Why We Created PayRecs

Sending money is a manual, error prone, time consuming process.

We knew we could make it better.

It’s our mission to deliver the solutions our users need through the financial institutions they trust. Simple, transparent solutions that solve critical problems for the institutions we serve and their customers.

Jon, PayRecs Co-Founder

Who is PayRecs for?

We serve mid-size, regional, and community banks as well as businesses with a need to transfer money around the globe.

We seamlessly help you go from payments to reconciliation

  • Transfer money from in-app accounts

  • Select from 36 currencies

  • Vendors validated before transfer

  • Easily review each transfer

  • Easily navigate to successful transfers

PayRecs has taken manual solutions and created a digital interface that our customers have direct access to through online banking along with access to industry experts. As a community bank we are able to provide access to critical services just like national banks.

John Byl
SVP Product Development Manager Digital Banking
Mercantile Bank

PayRecs is ready to help you today.

We'd love to talk through your challenges with international transfers and see how the transition to PayRecs will help you.