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Five Reasons to Offer International Payments to your Customers

Efficient and simple International payment capabilities are a prerequisite for commercial clients when they evaluate your treasury management product offering. The reality is that business has become increasingly global, and companies must have a simple and reliable way to send and receive foreign currency. If you don’t have a solution you can be confident in … Keep reading “Five Reasons to Offer International Payments to your Customers”

The Benefits of Sending in FX vs USD

If you’re like many of the regional banks we work with, you’re likely avoiding the conversation about international payments with your commercial customers because you don’t have an impactful and practical solution to offer them. This means that while they might do most of their business with you, they’re doing international payments at a competitor. … Keep reading “The Benefits of Sending in FX vs USD”

Elevating Your Customer Experience

Midsize and regional banks often use their community ties as a cornerstone of their brand. Whether it’s through community donations or boots on the ground at community events, demonstrating that they’re more tied to their community than big box banks is how they attract new customers. And there are plenty of people who want that … Keep reading “Elevating Your Customer Experience”

The Need to Innovate International Payments

Traditional FX Payments If your company is seeking to set up shop or expand their footprint overseas, we know that currency and treasury can be tough and sometimes necessary evils in those goals. Like most antiques stashed away in an attic or basement (dad you’re an expert here), businesses and processes that don’t innovate are … Keep reading “The Need to Innovate International Payments”

Simplicity and the Customer Experience

I recently listened to an episode of the  Banking Transformed podcast with Jim Marous. This particular episode, Creating Loveable Experiences Through Innovation Simplicity with guest Jin Kang Moller, previous vice president of customer experience at OCBC Bank, discussed this idea that simplicity lies at the heart of innovation. Consumers today want to engage with businesses … Keep reading “Simplicity and the Customer Experience”

Make an Impact

Why Making an Impact is important for Fintech companies One of the most important things we discuss at PayRecs is how we can make an impact. I’ve mentioned in previous posts (link to elevating post) that one of the ways we implement the idea of innovation is to ensure that every feature, product update and … Keep reading “Make an Impact”

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