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Simplicity and the Customer Experience

I recently listened to an episode of the  Banking Transformed podcast with Jim Marous. This particular episode, Creating Loveable Experiences Through Innovation Simplicity with guest Jin Kang Moller, previous vice president of customer experience at OCBC Bank, discussed this idea that simplicity lies at the heart of innovation. Consumers today want to engage with businesses … Keep reading “Simplicity and the Customer Experience”

Make an Impact

Why Making an Impact is important for Fintech companies One of the most important things we discuss at PayRecs is how we can make an impact. I’ve mentioned in previous posts (link to elevating post) that one of the ways we implement the idea of innovation is to ensure that every feature, product update and … Keep reading “Make an Impact”

Innovation is an Ideology

Innovation is an Ideology Fintechs and tech companies love to talk about innovation.  “Look at this idea! It’s so innovative!” “We want to help banks and credit unions be more innovative.” “Innovation is key to survival.” We started documenting our brand when our Director of Marketing, Katlynn, came on board. We obviously wanted to outline … Keep reading “Innovation is an Ideology”

Creating Identity Literacy

Creating Identity Literacy A while back, I listened to an episode of the Wharton Fintech podcast where they discussed this idea of creating more identity literacy for FI customers. And it’s an interesting concept because, we don’t think about being literate, defined here as knowledgeable or having an understanding of identity, when it comes to … Keep reading “Creating Identity Literacy”

Introducing LocalPay, Global Receivables Made Simple

Introducing LocalPay, global receivables by PayRecs. Improve cash flow, reduce fees and simplify payment reconciliation. LocalPay by PayRecs now allows businesses to receive payment in up to 36 different currencies without the need to integrate any technology, open a new bank account or take on any FX risk. It’s like magic.

Innovate or Antiquate

After hearing the same anecdotes from Jon’s experience with former customers, and seeing these frustrations exhibited in the blank stares of prospects, it was clear that these mid-sized (and some large-sized, Fortune 100’s too) were stuck in a world of obsolete, maintained by the financial institution overlords who scoff at innovation.

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